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BOON: Bodega Bay, CA

BOON is a coastal ocean observing system centered at Bodega Marine Laboratory (38º19.110' N 123º04.294' W) and focused on the coasts of northern California. It is a node in larger regional, national and global observing systems. BOON's aim is to work toward the development of innovative science and products that benefit society and the economy through pursuit of a sustainable relationship between humans and the ocean. These products are data-based and derived from the deployment and operation of state-of-the-art ocean observing technology.

(703) 233-6528

Current Conditions
Air Temperature (deg F) 52.9
Seawater Temperature (deg F) 55.8
Wind Speed (mph) 8.7
Wind Direction (deg N) 325
Relative Humidity (%) 100.0
Rainfall Last 24 hours (inches) 0.0
Rainfall Last 7 days (inches) 0.1
Rainfall Year, since Oct 1 (inches) 13.2
Last update: Sun Jan 27 19:30:00 2019 PST


BOON is a member of (657) 293-0946