Tyger, Tyger, burning bright.

Shouldn't Merat be here by now?

What is wrong with me?

You can't seriously want me to sell our house.

Sue probably thought I wouldn't be here today.

Let's stop finding fault with each other.

No one knows what will happen in the future.

Johann looks conflicted.

He dedicated his life to helping the poor.

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I want to ask you one simple question.

Ernie called me almost every day.

Oh no! It's a power outage! Hey, where was the flashlight again?

I have to admit I enjoyed it.

Why haven't you told your parents about us?

Can I give you a hug?

He was arrested for drunken driving.

Did you sleep on the couch again last night?

Bucky's filthy.

Language is the means by which people communicate with others.

Kazuhiro saw Jackye smile.

Hector doesn't seem to understand why people don't like him.

Trent doesn't believe in life after death.

He displayed a great deal of patience.

I'd rather not discuss them.

Would you let me go?

Don't do anything I wouldn't do.


Hold your tongue and hear me out.

Your estimation of him is a little high, to say the least.

We've done very well.

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I should tell her, right?

I need a rest after so many completely full days.

Not knowing what to say, he remained silent.

Does he write English letters?

Scarce are the people learning Interlingua.


I knew you'd mess things up.

Prices have dropped recently.

Millions of people in the United States are unemployed.


We haven't heard from Tim in a long time.


Let go of them.

People eagerly sought a more modernised style of dress and transformed the old qipao to suit their tastes.

We went on a long walk together.

Stuart painted the house all by himself.

This is fucking cool.

My brain is stupid.

My car is a Ford, just like yours.

Turnabout is fair play.

The village which I visited last summer was a small one in Nagano Prefecture.

I can't do this work alone.

Nguyen thought Archie was with John.

That takes a load off my chest.

I saw Saify running down the street.

He is everything to her.

Jeffery isn't doing a very good job.

I think he's Mr. Brown.

Could you explain to me what happened?

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I cannot shed a tear for that horrible man.


Maybe you should've told Kanthan that.


I'm a completely new person since that night.

We have ample time to catch our train.

He will learn these things not so much from what the other man says as from how he says it.


Organic kiwi fruit. Feel free to help yourself.

Was John in on it?

Wages are finally starting to rise again.

You'll have to try the store across the street.

He plugged in the radio.

If my mother were still alive, she would have helped me.

She has been sick in bed for the last week.

Paula tried once again to get Takao's attention.

Eric came about 2:30.

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What time does Flight 333 from Boston arrive?

I can't talk to him right now.

This is not important.

I don't know where you live.

Salt in the kitchen will only make food salty if you use it.

We watched the baseball game on TV last night.

To start with, I want to thank you all.

Why did you marry John, of all people?

It is once believed that tomatoes were poisonous.

His new wife is about my age.

She drummed her fingers on the table.

In the end she chose another kitten.

I want to do something useful.

I want to see you in my office.

I hear you were in Boston recently.

I am sure we have a lot in common.

I can hardly see him.

Hold them down.

They're very close friends.

Two robbers broke into a store.

The water hardly began to boil when she added the ingredients.

"What do you want?" "I want a dog."

Haven't they spoken Arabic?


We've still got a chance.

We can divide the work into three parts.

We don't swim at night.

I have to correct this article.

I would never get any work done then and my ass would be fat.

It is five years since we moved here.

Tomorrow will be no different than today.

We went to school by bus.

I have no talent for politics.

We need to figure it out.

The capital of Mongolia is Ulan Bator.

You're not going to find anybody better than Louise for the job.

I'm not sure Rabin's going to be willing to talk to me.

There's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip.

Lucius didn't fill in the form the right way.

We should talk about this some more.

The dictator came to power fifteen years ago.


Sherman is in terrible danger.

I'll deal with this problem as soon as I can.

He's leading a dog's life.

In linguistics, the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis states that there are certain thoughts of an individual in one language that cannot be understood by those who live in another language.

Noam is in great danger.

Why not just stay?

Debi shouldn't have given Isaac a diamond ring.


We're looking for some computer-savvy people to work for us.

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Advertisements urge us to buy luxuries.

Even now, we still doubt that he is the real murderer.

Marc is an expert clockmaker.

This place is suitable for swimming.

I've never cared for Mexican food.

You've said nothing so far.

My legs ache from sitting.

I respect the praying mantis as a living being!

No one will be any the wiser.

Just wait and see.

Who is that man over there?

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You can stay with us for the night.

I look forward to receiving your reply as soon as possible.

We spend a lot of time together.


Linda forgot.

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We have it all.

Can you help me to work out the adverbial forms of these verbs?

Having considered your proposal, we have decided that we are unable to lower the price.

We've known this for a long time.

Markus chewed his lip.

I took advantage of every opportunity to improve my English.

I need the screwdriver.

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She insisted that he be invited to the party.


Is Antonio going to swim?

It's my responsibility, isn't it?

My Christmas is now ruined.


Kent said that he would depart soon.

I read the story three times.

Is there anything else we need to do before we go?

Arthur lied.

Unfortunately, no one deals with this question.

Dean never really liked me.

I have to go out to the newsstand to get a newspaper.

As this girl entered the room, every child was laughing at her little hat.

I uploaded one.


Ticket prices are up three percent since last year.

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Text me after your flight lands.


Have you ever kissed a girl before?


Passwords are usually case sensitive.


Why all this hate?

I'm just a housewife.

I've got them on the line.

Do you want this back or not?

Do you know what kind of flower this is?

There's a party at Bucky's house tonight.

Roxane will be a good husband.


This is so bad, it's good.

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How do you know which one is yours?

Those guys are ruthless, covering up their tracks like that after all their wrongdoing.

"Do you want a T-shirt?" "Yes, I want a red one."

No one has time for that kind of thing anymore.

I want you to work harder.

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Don't hang up.