No. I looked for them for more than an hour.

My study absorbed me in those days.


You should help your mother clean the living room.

They fear for their lives.

I have to feed my cat.


What do you think of Boston?

Did you, or did you not, tip Alexis off?

He circulated from table to table at the reception.

Dana has no one to talk to.

He must have lost his marbles.


Lucifer set his homework out on the table.

Monica was shot trying to run away.

How do you get downtown from here?


Did you know her personally?

We can find societies without science, without art or without philosophy; but there never was a society without religion.

Rajiv is married.

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A high wall stands all about the garden.

He said with a perplexed expression, "I've heard nothing, so I can't say anything."

We need to take care of business.

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He has to make a choice between the objects.

Tony has a nice voice.

"International TV?" Dima asked. "What are you talking about, Al-Sayib?"

We must avoid calling on others without an appointment.

He seems delirious with a high fever.

Angus didn't play well.

Have you seen Jarvis's new house?

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That's all nonsense.

I didn't get a second chance.

I drink two cups of coffee.

Have any letters arrived for me?

Have you arranged things for our departure?

That sports are gaining in popularity all over the world is evidenced by the sports news in the papers by the many sports equipment stores, and by the numbers of runners who participate in marathons or other races.

Blake found a dead body on the beach.

What should I do in a situation like this?

Cathrin didn't actually hit me.

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It's a girl thing.


Norm had never lied to me before.


Curdken ran up to her and wanted to grasp some of the hair from her head.

This lady is Masagokan's landlady, Yoko Someha.

That she is dead is certain.


For dinner, we went back to my place.

All the letters on the desk are addressed to Spy.

Blayne isn't very resourceful, is he?


Milner doesn't like eggs.

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2. Draw a boomerang shape on the card with a pen. Cut out the boomerang you've drawn.


There's something about Saumya that makes a lot of girls like him.

Which is your favorite shrike?

Steve gets angry at the slightest hint of criticism.


I don't believe to what he says.

Where are the guards?

We tried to trap the fox.

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Please don't hurt Markus.


The princess attended the King's coronation.

I encouraged Nigel to study harder.

Do you mean us?

He has enough and to spare of money.

I'd like to know how Elijah got there.

Bob told me he was too tired to study tonight, so he just wanted to watch TV.

Jane sometimes runs to school.

Vijay tried to tell me something, but Kamiya interrupted before he could say anything.

He can speak Spanish, not to mention English.


Everything he says is true.

One should attack ideas with their own weapons: You do not shoot at ideas with a rifle.

"A rolling stone gathers no moss" is a proverb.


Speak a little louder.

He is the greatest player the team has had.

All my efforts are nothing compared to yours.

I've been trying to reach Kathy for a month.

I just need some information.

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Things got messy.

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It's too bright.

A pair of gloves is a nice gift.

It'll be really lonely without you.


Lubomir loves his mom.

I can tell from your face that it's not good news.

Dorgan didn't know how to spell dachshund.

Children should keep away from the river. It's dangerous.

I make a lot more money than Andre does.


Don't you hate it when he does that?

Nichael was quiet for a moment.

Keep quiet.

This humanitarian group looks for volunteers to distribute meals to the homeless during the month of December.

Lorraine seems to be calm.

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I hear you have a girlfriend now.

Willie could be in real trouble.

He had time to lose himself in his amusement.

We were only trying to help Shane.

He confessed that he loved her.

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Are you going to quit your job?


I thought we had an understanding.

Ralph was hiding behind the door.

When I opened the door, I found him asleep.

Pratt cooks for Hume every day.

Don't bother me, I'm studying a difficult thing.


No matter where I go, I get lost.

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Hungary closed its most important train station.


He is familiar with Japanese culture.

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The forest is really beautiful in autumn.

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They looked at the photo taken of me when I was a boy and laughed.

What am I to do?

We're about the same weight.

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Why are you running?

Winter is coming soon.

As the poet says, a little learning is a dangerous thing.

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Cory is still in kindergarten, isn't he?

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I have to respect Elisabeth's wishes.

The teenager is showing off his new car.

Let's see what it is.


She was wearing a new hat.

There's nothing inside.

I have three cousins on my mother's side.

Dorothy nearly fell off his chair.

Are you going to go now?

Kelly could say nothing.

The government transported goods to the island by helicopter.


Things are going too fast.

I can make no promises.

Bring me some cold water.

Hey! I don't want any crank calls - not at this hour.

Are you learning Irish on your own?

Linley mentioned your name.

Everyone around here likes him.


Alf waved goodbye to his friend.


Just try it out.

This is totally insane.

Where did it happen?

Sedat was the luckiest.

The boat danced on the choppy water.


I can teach you how to speak my language, if you want.

Bonds together with some money was stolen.

Allen has a house with a pool.

Are the Giants playing tonight?

It was a Sunday afternoon and the town was bristling with people.


What are you doing in Oman?

But he's so cute!

I'm sorry I ever doubted you.


Give it a try.


He was slow in putting his idea into practice.

Living the kind of life that I live is senseless and depressing.

The meeting is held once in three years.

He became rich at the cost of his health.

I'm too old for you.

I've been waiting for Kris for a long time.

I've only been waiting for five minutes.

Ed isn't the type of person who does things like that.

Jesus knew it.

This is an entirely new problem.

I don't like drama.

I will bear your words in mind.

He is photogenic.

Her blue shoes go well with that dress.

What can we do to help him?


It takes time to heal from a divorce.


I know what really matters.

How much of a discount did you get?

Seth may go with you if he wants.