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Love At First Taste

The world of Concentrates will never be the same. The Loto Lux’s patent-pending induction core delivers unparalleled, even heat distribution and the greatest taste and potency combination of any handheld concentrate device in the world. It’s scientifically delicious.

This breakthrough in vapor heating technology opens up the full spectrum of terpenes latent in your materials and delivers them with previously-unexplored impact. Equipped with innovative terpene preservation technology and zero-wick enhancements, the Loto Lux is built to optimize flavor that lasts, while offering consistently powerful experiences on demand. No need for diluting emulsifiers or chemical additives. Induction’s stark temperature profile ensures rapid, precise heating paired with rapid, preserving cooling. So you’re empowered like never before to get the most out of every dab of your material. No waste. Just taste.

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The Most Potent Vape Ever Made

Revolutionary, Patent-Pending Induction Core Represents the Greatest Technological Breakthrough in Vaping in over a Decade.

While Prometheus was busy stealing fire from the gods, we were playing with magnets. And, good thing for vapers everywhere, because the outcome is nothing short of magnificent.

In fact, not since the advent of the atomizer in the early 2000s has there been an evolutionary leap in vaporization as significant or as important.

Tech in vaping has very much been at a standstill for years. You may have already noticed this woeful plateau yourself. We certainly did. In fact, we labored for years to develop a truly better way. And, we’re happy to say, we’ve done it. What is it? If you guessed pyrokinesis, you’re funny, and cool, and we like you. But, no. Actually, it’s Induction Heating.

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Genius in Every Breath

How you heat matters. We checked. Induction outperforms resistance heating across the board. Finally, it’s safe to say that resistance is futile.


Vape Clean With Concentrates

Now vaporize with concentrates cleaner, faster, better. Seriously.

The Lux’s instant, even heating is the ideal method of consuming concentrates. The unique, refillable capsule system gives you the freedom to load up for multiple-use sessions and take dozens of amazing experiences with you on the go. No need to re-apply after each draw. Easily store up over thirty powerful sessions in a single capsule and make a vastly superior experience part your new routine. With a battery life that gives you over 200 transcendent puffs on a single charge, rest easy knowing amazingness will be there for you whenever you’re ready. Be ready.

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Remote Control

Smart mobile control empowers you over every aspect of your vapor. Easy to sync Bluetooth technology lets your phone dominate yet another aspect of your life. Because why not?

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