About Us

Kingdom Engineering is an Independent Engineering organization providing Design, Engineering services. Our strength in project management and quality procedures ensure accuracy of design and timely delivery. In this specialized turf.

Our highly professional teams and by following best industry practices and internationally formulated standards and by adhering to international and national codes such as ASME, IBR AISC and API codes for Design, Analysis and validation.

Our services include, engineering solution related to Process, Piping, Mechanical, Civil & Structural Engineering, electrical & Instrumentation.

  • Basic Engineering Design (BED) Services
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Services
  • Detailed Engineering Services

Our Mission

  • To provide innovative and reliable solutions at optimum cost.
  • To build excellent technical teams in all relevant areas of consulting business.
  • To consolidate and ensure substantial growth, profitability and stability.
  • To be the market leader in our business.

Our Vision

  • To be an internationally recognized engineering consultancy organization.

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Steve Jobs

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Bruce Lee

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Adolf Hitler

Our Services

Structural Design Engineering


Mechanical Design Engineering


Civil Design Engineering