The college admissions process made simple.

Roughly 2.5 million students are expected to graduate high school and enroll in college next fall.

Yet high school students still say "figuring out applications is tough", "finding someone that knows the rules and can help is hard", and "applying for financial aid is complicated".

At Unimuni, our mission is to make the college admissions process simple. 

​For free.

Below is a typical college admissions timeline:

(as of October 2018)

What should I be working on in October?




  • Look to 5852980876 with new test score or financial information if either changes
  • Look up reviews, pictures, and virtual tours of the potential college campuses


What do college admissions counselors care about?

Most Important:
History of High Academic Achievement

Establish a record of good grades in tough classes and back it up with good ACT/SAT scores

Colleges know the best predictor of future academic success is past academic success and high test scores, while less important, are evidence of a high academic aptitude

Demonstrate Well Roundedness 

Get good recommendations, write good essays, and show that you have interests outside the classroom

Get others to vouch for you and promote you, promote yourself with strong personal statement, and demonstrate interests outside the classroom and in the college

Less Important:
Specific Test Scores or Work Done
Depending on the college, specific test scores are only important on case by case basis

Depending on the college, specific test scores may be important or not. Unfortunately, what should matter just as much as academics (work history or a portfolio) is not a huge consideration for college admissions

Think of the college admissions process similar to a transportation system 

You know where you are (HS Senior) and where you want to go (College graduate) but you don't know how to get there or how long it should take or how much it should cost.


  • Thus far, we've been stuck navigating this maze with guides similar to "paper maps", as in here's all the information and now you figure it out
  • Think of Unimuni (uni- for university and -muni like the SF streetcar) as Mapquest in that it guides students by a typical "best route"
  • Eventually we'll be an all-in-one solution, similar to Google Maps-like comprehensive product

Don't worry, there's more to come


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