Fucking the bitch with the biggest dildo i could buy online. Whore – The Break Up Bitch – For Mobile Devices

Fucking the bitch with the biggest dildo i could buy online. Whore – The Break Up Bitch – For Mobile Devices

So you like cocks eh bitch? Do you like any cocks or just my boyfriends? Well because im such a good friend to you i bought you a cock, so that you won’t have to steal your best friends boyfriends cock. The slut looks at the huge monster cock in horror as i slap her ugly white body with it. I then spit on the sluts ugly cunt and shove the dildo into her as hard as i can, this is not romantic in the slightest. This is forced cock penetration and the slut screams the house down as i fuck her hard in the cunt. I know she never had anything like this in her cunt before because i had to push real hard to get it into her, she suffered so much for me in this scene, especially the way i pull the monster out of her ugly smelly cunt. This is nasty and twisted, but the whore deserves it and i don’t feel guilty!

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Making the slut so ugly that no guy would want to touch her – The Break Up Bitch – For Mobile Devices

Making the slut so ugly that no guy would want to touch her – The Break Up Bitch – For Mobile Devices

Time to humiliate the slut further. I tell her to kneel down in front of me as i make her face up. I tell her that i am going to make her so ugly that no body would ever want to fuck her. I don’t understand how anyone would be interested her anyway, she is a skinny ugly white bitch. Anyway, she is looking good now after my make over. She looks like a bad drag queen. I can’t believe my boyfriend kissed your ugly face! While i make her up i spit in her face to add more humiliation to the dish. I give her big long red tears. I then get a glass of juice and spit it all over her face and hair. The bitch moans and whimpers as i degrade her for being a stupid ugly fucker. I spew all of the juice over her face making her a disgusting mess. I then grab her by the hair and throw her head about while i spit on her. The whore cries in shame as i enjoy my revenge.


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Torturing the bitch with an elastic band – The Break Up Bitch – For Mobile Devices


I remember at school we used to do this, and thought it would be a nice way to inflict some pain on my cheating lying slut best friend. I took an elastic band and snapped it, then i stretch it and flick her naked body with it. I flick her ass, her pussy, her nipples, I flick her all over as i degrade her for being a cheep slut who fucks her friends over. I tell her that she is the only one capable out of our circle of friends that could cheat on one of our boyfriends. She is the only one who is low and trashy enough to do something like this. She is the only one who acts like a bitch whore. I am breaking the bitch down with my verbal bullying and it feels good to me. I can see her shrink as i dehumanise her, and im proud of myself for it.


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Stop complaining you are cold bitch. Get in the fire place. Next time you complain i will light you up – The Break Up Bitch – Small File

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Im tired of hearing from the slag that she is cold though the night! She complains that there is no heating and that she hasn’t got any clothes to wear! SO FUCKING WHAT! YOU FUCKED MY BOYFRIEND SLAG!!!!! I drag the whore by her hair into the coal fire place! I rub the whores face in the coal fire place making her black. Then i throw things at her while she is in the fire place. I tell her that if i hear her complain that she is cold again i will set her on fire in the fire place. I force the slag to lick the fire place and chimney clean wit her tongue. The slag licks the filthy black fire place with her tongue. I start to make fire with wood and threaten the whore that if she disappoints me i will burn her in there! I spit on the slut as she licks away at the fire place for my amusement. I then force her to lick my boots clean while she is squeezed in the chimney. I tell her to cover herself in black charcoal and that i want to see her whole body black. I tell her that i am going to pimp her out as my black bitch because my clients are already bored of her as a white bitch! The whore is covered in black soot.


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Nikki Domino’s New Slut Part 1

Mistress Nikki Domino leads her new slut Manchester into the dungeon. She ties her to the cross and begins her training. Mistress pulls down her panties to check for wetness. Then attacks her new slave girls ass with a variety of whips and paddles while verbally humiliating her.


Dixon Mason Locked in Cell Block P


Dixon Mason has been a naughty slave so Mistress Alegria sentences her to do some time in Cell Block P. The naked Dixon is chained, tormented and suffers a verbal assault andthen left alone to contemplate her mistakes.


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