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Our Apps

Whether you’re already invested in a mobile strategy or are just beginning to explore your options, you’ve recognized the need to stay relevant to your mobile consumers and employees. Don’t sit on the sidelines while your competition innovates. Keep up with market demand by getting an app to market quickly that maps to your unique business processes and brand requirements. A next generation app is defined not only by completeness of functionality, but by its configurability, extensibility and user experience. To address these requirements, you must consider factors like the data that

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BluFlo maintains outstanding levels of support and customer satisfaction through self-help and assisted-help resources.

While we pride ourselves on fast and accurate responses to customer questions and problems, BluFlo provides an array of resources to enable you to find answers and resolve problems on your own, without having to contact Technical Support.

Stay updated with announcements, get answers from the question and answer community knowledge base, and share your feature suggestions with us.

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BluFlo Innovations

New Innovations at BluFlo

  • BluFlo will connect people and equipment by utilizing our patented new technology that will change how we communicate.
  • BluFlo will ensure those connections are safe, reliable and private.  We will continue to develop and utilize our technology to ensure our clients are always able to communicate even during very large assemblies and events, where current technology is failing.
  • BluFlo’s technology will allow complete diversification of all Smart Phones regardless of your device platform.