reboot workshop

The Problem Making the transition back to civilian life and civilian work environments after serving in the field can be a difficult challenge, especially for the newer and younger generation of servicemen and women who were deployed several times to Iraq and Afghanistan. The lack of access to adequate transitional counseling and services presents them with daunting challenges, such as finding employment and adjusting to the social environment of the civilian world that they are ill-equipped to handle and, in most cases, are unwilling (or don’t know how) to seek assistance to address. Also, currently there are no existing courses that adequately address the psychological factors of transitioning from military to civilian life before release or immediately after. The Solution Many of the above issues can be avoided with early intervention and proper transitioning from the military. Through an initiative called: REBOOT!, the National Veterans Transition Service Inc. (NVTSI) and its partners address transition issues at their root cause and assist veterans and recently separated servicemen and women in properly transitioning from the military to civilian world by providing them with a three phased intensive Cognitive-Behavioral Educational (CBE) transition assistance program.

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