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  • Find Bars

    Look up nearby bars and check their bar profile to see more information about promotions, live entertainment or see who is already there.

  • Event And Promotions

    Quickly check what is going on in your nearby bars or if there is any special promotions or live entertainment in your area.

  • Drink Invitations

    See who is out tonight and maybe invite an old friend for a drink or perhaps meet someone new for a drink.

  • Chat

    Go to a bar and join the bar chat. Chat with old or new friends to people who are checked in at a bar.

  • Notifications

    Get notified when your favorite bar posts a new promotion, when your friend logs in or when someone views your personal profile and sends you a drink invitation.

  • Send Unlimited Virtual Gift

    Break the ice with someone by sending a virtual gift and a message. Let them know your interest with a fun gift and hopefully you can make a new friend.

  • Bar Profile

    Register your bar and start enjoying be able to advertise for free and take advantage of free tools in your dashboard to help you run your business.

  • Photos

    Upload photos of your bar so our members can see a glimpse of your bar.

  • Create Promotion & Events

    Event organizers as well as bar managers can create free advertising on our promotions page. Our members can see your ads, flyers or special promos in their phone app.

  • Facilities

    Tell us bout what amenities or facilities can be found at your bar. Tell our members what makes your bar unique and special.

  • Track members

    verytime our members go to your bar or event, your dashboard will record the frequency and the time they spent at your business.

  • Send spy questions

    Spy questions are short questionnaires sent to your patrons to ask them to answer important questions like “ Did you have to wait for a long time to get a drink from the bartender?

About Us

Now, you do not have to drive to different bars to see if there are people there or if there is live band playing or if there is special drink promotions. Imagine how much time you can save on your night out because you do not have to drive around time just to find out what is going on at the bars.

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Meet people at the bar

Our members have something in common. They like to go out to bars. Whatever your reason is for going out to bars, our phone app will make your night out more fun and more exciting. Reach out to other members who may share your interest and meet at a bar somewhere. Connect with people at the bar with a message or join a bar chat.

Give 5 stars to the bars that has the best looking patrons. Find out which bar is offering a special drink menu for our members. Invite someone for a drink who may be at another bar. With meetatbars, you can add more life to your nightlife.

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If you are a bar goer, you can get the app by downloading it from a link we will send you or when we go live, you can download it from the Apple's App Store.