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Welcome to RECAL

This is to inform you to save the date and plan for your visit to Trichy to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of REC/NIT Trichy.
July 19 and July 20, 2014 are the dates for the Golden Jubilee Global Alumni Meet.
Detailed program schedule is being planned and will be shared soon.

Donations received by Recal Foundation will be exempted from the income Tax u/s 80G(5)(vi) of Income tax Act 1961.
For details click here

This site is dedicated to RECAL, the Alumni Association of NIT Trichy ( formerly REC Trichy ).

This site was specially developed with an aim of bringing together the alumni of RECT/NITT and enabling them to interact - more often and comfortably. With the power of the web, we are doing just that.

To get familiar with the site , here's a short description of how this site is arranged -

Currently there are six major sections available in the site (more sections will be made available after the next launch) : Home, About, Bulletin Board, Gallery, Groups, Database. Each of the sections have a set of subsections and pages that appear as links on the left side of this content region. The Bulletin Board, Gallery, Groups and Database section are available only for registered members. This is to help keep the site maintainable and other privacy reasons concerning our alumni. We recommend all our alumni to register themselves with our database. A description of the available sections are given below :

Home: This section includes link to the basic functions of the site. Once you're logged on, you will be able to get a quick statistic of the changes that have appeared since you logged on last.

About: All the details regarding RECAL will be made available here divided into various pages like History, Chapters, etc.

Bulletin Board: This is the heart of the RECAL website. It is a very active collection of varoius discussion forums. There are several general forums, and group forums. Besides, the forums, this section also holds the entire News section and the Events and activities are also placed here.

Gallery: A single picture can depict a thousand words, and more effectively ! That's why we've got a whole section dedicated to photos. The Image Gallery is a storehouse of all the photos RECAL can get hold of. Just take a look at the 'Old is Gold' collection or 'Those were the days' collection, and recollect your days back at good old REC ! Whose that scribbling on the board in that photo ?...

Groups: What's the fastest way to pass a message through a select circle of pals? Through Groups, of course ! Being a member of a group, you'll be able to have a forum exclusive to the members of the group. What's more.. each group will get it's own private Image Gallery, and it's own Chat Room.

Ok, so becoming a member gives you all the facilities mentioned above, so what ? What's this all leading upto ? Well there's your question, and here's your answer - The Only strong reason you'd want to register with RECAL is to get back to the old times. Where's all these features taking you to? Where's the promise of the 'old times' ? It's only right you ask..

Database: The Alumni Information center is the core of the Alumni database. It gives you the ability to access the database, and find out exactly where another alumni you know is. We've tried to keep the database as updates as can be possible. Plus, the fact that the person is registered in the database makes it a sure shot that he or she has a contack link within the RECAL site. This powered by the various other tools makes sure that you're in contact with your batchmates in no time and with ease.

Help: What's to be told? Here's where you'll find help regarding anything technical about the site. We've also tried to cover up some, but limited, non-technical issues. The section contains a FAQ section, and a page where you can provide us with your valuable feedback regarding RECAL or the RECAL site. Anything that's not covered in the Help section comes up as small boxes of tips, information and suggestion that crop up from useful links all through out the site.

Any link pertaining to a particular section will appear to the left side of the page. Once you login, you will also get a personal bar on the top right keeping all your personalised items only a click away!

Notice the Image Slideshow to the right of the page ? That's where images from any particular album will be cyclically displayed to give you a quick glance. Anytime you suddenly spot something that brings back the old days, just click on the image and you'll be able to share your views about the event or incident - anything at all - with your whole net work of friends! Give it a go!




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