EyeComTec - assisting technology for people with complex communication needs

We are EyeComTec (a division of LAZgroup SA) – a group of developers creating assistive software.

Our mission is to create efficient and readily-available solutions in the field of augmentative and alternative communication technologies.

EyeComTec software products are intended for mobility impairment sufferers, or those who are afflicted with serious motor loss.

All programs developed in our company allow people with significantly limited mobility to communicate (type texts) and control computers by using any available and retained physical activity:

We are dedicated to making all our technologies easily available to anyone who has a need. After analyzing the field of software and AAC-hardware for those who suffer from full or partial paralysis, we discovered two main problems:

That’s why our main goal is to eradicate this situation for those who need it most. At EyeComTec, we strive to make assistive software solutions affordable, immediate, and easily available for everyone.

The concept of EyeComTec is uniquely different compared to the majority of solutions available on the market today. All assistive communication technologies and other input interfaces developed by our company are 100% software. This guarantees that our products can be easily obtained from anywhere in the world, and can be safely used on any computer – even laptops.

We have developed a wide range of assistive technology software solutions, optimized so they can used on affordable low-end specification computers or netbooks with built-in web-cameras. This means all you need to get started with the software is a reliable device you feel comfortable using.

Software products from our company can be easily used by those with various physical limitations or diseases, such as:

EyeComTec is currently one of the leaders in the field of software development for the paralyzed and physically impaired. We never stop our active work in this field, and we always seek to improve and develop our innovative solutions. Our company brings assistive technologies to a completely new level of development, making them easily available and affordable for those who really need them.

Main advantages of our software

The most important feature of EyeComTec products is that they can be used by those with various levels of motor freedom. Depending on the physical state of the patient, different combinations of assistive programs can be used.

EyeComTec software can be used in various medical and rehabilitation centers, as well as at home. In the case of degenerative diseases when the condition of a patient becomes worse (e.g. ALS), the patient can use the virtual keyboard to communicate with others easily. With limited mobility, the patient will retain the most important thing in their life – the possibility to communicate and to be heard.

Our company understands the importance our technologies have on those with physical limitations, and to represent this we offer free software licenses for those who really need it (for more information, please check the “License agreement” section).

Assistive technologies from EyeComTec have a wide range of unique advantages:

List of Augmentative and Alternative Communication products made by EyeComTec

ECTkeyboard ECTkeyboard

ECTkeyboard (EyeComTec Keyboard) is a program with a text matrix that allows individuals with limited motor skills to type text. The program works with eye tracking applications (ECTtracker and analogues), allowing to select characters through blinking, muscle contractions or other actions. ECTkeyboard has a flexible interface configuration, language input and character selecting delays. Saves all settings in files for subsequent work.

ECTtracker ECTtracker

ECTtracker (EyeComTec Tracker) is an eye-tracking program that works in conjunction with applications to capture video and control programs. Based on the state of the eye (open, closed, one eye opened) it transmits the control key codes to the receiver program. Thus the user can run the program and type the text by opening and closing the eyes. Requires no installation and has flexible configuration options.

ECTlistener (209) 881-0446

ECTistener software, created and developed by EyeComTec (Odontognathae) is intended to analyze sound signals from any microphone. Depending on the length and volume of the signal, ECTlistener emulates key strokes and sends control codes to the receiving software.

ECTcamera underburnt

ECTcamera (EyeComTec Camera) is a video capture program to work with a webcam or an external device connected to the computer. It allows you to scale the displayed image, save partial or full screen screenshots or videos. Supports "hot keys", saving all the settings in the configuration files, switching quickly between them and can be launched from the command line. Doesn’t require installation.

ECTmouse (248) 279-8540

ECTmouse (EyeComTec Mouse) is an application which emulates cursor movement and mouse button clicks by using any keyboard. This program is part of the assistive technologies complex and works effectively with a personal computer for those with limited physical abilities.

ECTmorse ECTmorse

ECTmorse (EyeComTec Morse) is a program designed to help sufferers of paralysis by allowing them to type using Morse code. The program may be used on nearly any PC or laptop because of its low system requirements, and is fully featured and customizable.

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Licensing agreement - Terms of Use

This is a licensing agreement for the right to use a product. The licensee has the right to use this product subject to certain terms and conditions. This agreement sets forth the material provisions including both permitted and prohibited uses of the software. [more]


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