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Your Family First Aid Instructor

Courses for Parents

Prepare for the adventures your little ones will take. Reassure yourself with the right first aid knowledge in a relaxed, friendly environment. From only £25pp.

Ofsted and EYFS Approved Paediatric Courses

Childcare provider's, such as Childminders, Nannies and Nursery workers are provided with all the essential skills and knowledge required for working in any childcare setting

Nikki Prescott

Nikki Prescott - Director of Prescott First Aid

As a mum of three, I know how difficult it can be to get the balance right between letting your children have the most fun they possibly can whilst keeping them safe. The excitement of weaning your baby while being absolutely terrified that they’ll choke. The turmoil you feel when your heart’s bursting with pride that your child has finally scaled the top of the climbing frame, but also beating frantically with fear that they might fall. With 13 years of first aid experience, I was confident that if the worst happened, I’d know what to do. But speaking to friends and mums in the park and at the school gate, I know that not everyone has the same self-assurance. That’s why I set up Prescott First Aid – I want parents and carers to let their children grab life with both hands while knowing that they can still keep them safe.