Improve your confidence in Chinese speaking & listening.

Are you a little nervous speaking chinese? We can help you.

Excellent results! Come to Miracle Mandarin Chinese Language School to learn chinees with other students just like you.

Mandarin Chinese courses for students aged typically 18-65 years and only 3-4 students in a class [read more]

Listening &Speaking Chinese Courses | HSK 1~HSK 6 Chinese Courses | Business Mandarin Chinese | Survial Mandarin Chinese

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Get certification from Miracle Mandarin Chinese Language School or University.



Use modern Mandarin Chinese learning materials for over 15 years Chinese teaching experience.



Enhance your professional and academic CV as you travel the world

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Shanghai is a truly international metropolis. You will experience an unforgettable international community city life while exploring local...

Chinese for your new job?

A Combination Course can help you prepare for a new job. Focus on your interview technique and your CV, or brush up your Chinese for your new role.

What We Offer

New Programs

General Courses

Our language centre offers group or personal lessons, various mandarin Chinese language courses for all ages and levels.

Any Age Courses

Any Age Courses

Our teaching staff knows a unique way learning children. Our face-to-face courses have been designed with this in mind.


Language for Business

You will be introduced to conversational vocabulary and dialogues to help you learn a language and get experience.


Online Learning

Learn Mandarin Chinese online with us and take a unique chance to improve practical Chinese skills.

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This quick and free online test will tell your language level
and help choose the best group course.

Popular Courses

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This 4-week preparation courses will help improve your language knowledge, also receive reading and listening practice to build your vocabulary and grammar range.

Language Courses For Professionals

Our qualified and experienced language trainers created special
programmes to meet your specific needs.

Why Choose Us

Simple Reasons

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In 2000 our centre became an academic department within the school of languages.


At the end of course you will get the certificate and valuable skills and experience.

Exclusive Learning Materials

Our learning materials include text with multimedia on all areas of the curriculum.



Our method based on learning a language in a friendly and open atmosphere.

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Learning a new language is a fascinating thing that can lead to great opportunities.



Our team consist of high-quality and certified teachers with big experience.

Upcoming Courses

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General English Fluency



Crash Course for Travelers



Spanish Past Tenses Review



Clients Say

Sometimes language courses can be boring, classes here are taught through various methods that strengthen both listening and understanding skills together with a special focus on vocabulary.

Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia, Student

Teachers here are open, patient and very helpful, which represents an asset to learning a language in a friendly environment. Thank you. I have a solid language base that allows me to speak fluently.

Emma Jordan
Emma Jordan, Student

My course was conducted by the highly qualified tutor. It's motivated me to continue learning Spanish. In my opinion learning a new language is always a fascinating thing. It is can lead to great opportunities.

Brian Stone
Brian Stone, Student

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