Love: An Eternal Feeling

True love is the purest emotion and feeling in the world. Love is the affectionate warmest touch of all the

The Inner Me – Myself

.. For my Heart & Life Its easy to believe But very difficult to hide I’m obliged to everyone Who

A trip to Amritsar: life changed suddenly

Just a picture, yes it’s just a picture. Three of us smiling and enjoying the moment with each other at

A meeting with self: Seminar by world famous Dr Rajendra Kumar Jain

It was the morning of the Republic day. Along with the overwhelmed joy of the day we were thrilled by

संकल्प: जीवन की स्थिरता

संकल्प-शक्ति का होना आदर्श मानव जीवन की बुनियादी विशेषता है। संकल्प-शक्ति व्यक्ति को नैतिक रूप से तटस्थ और अपने सिद्धांतों

सत्य: अनदेखा व अंजाना

. मैं सोचता रहा कि सब कर रहा हूँ मैं पर ना जाना की ये एक ताक़त है जिसने सम्भाला

Mistake: A chance to improve

“Be humble to see your mistakes, courageous to admit them and wise enough to correct them.” by Amine Ayad To

Being Alone

“Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better.” by Henry

Power of Prayer

“Rediscover the Power of Prayer to bring about change”. by Richard Lawrence Moments of negative circumstances make a person option-less.

भीड़ में अकेले

दिल ख़ुश भी है व उदास भी जीने की है मुझे आस भी।  तू दूर है तो हूँ परेशान मैं