Bruges Bruges (Brugge in Dutch) had been recommended to us, and we sure were glad to follow up on that lead. It is such a beautiful city and is sometimes referred to as the Venice of the north due to all its canals. It is a real fairy tale city and a must do when […]



Thunderstorm in Aachen While staying in Cologne we took a day trip to Aachen. Aachen is a smallish city close to the borders of Belgium and Netherlands. We had checked the weather forecast the night before and it was supposed to be dry and warm on our day of travel. Due to failure to check […]


Munich – Cars and Castles

Transport and accomodation It tooks us just under 2 hours to travel from Innsbruck to Munich. Accomodation in accordance with our budget was not available near the city centrum so we stayed at a budget hotel near Munich Messe – Hotel New Fair Munich Messe. The hotel was ok for the price, but nothing more […]


Innsbruck and the Alpine Zoo

Transport and accomodation The trip from Bern to Innsbruck took us about 4 hours. We were lucky do get seats as the train was pretty crowded. Due to discrepancies of information in the Rail app and on the Interrail website we were unsure if we needed seat reservation. We took our chances and were not […]

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Bern – Wet and Wild

Accomodation and transport After Basel we headed straight to Bern. It only took us about an hour by train. We stayed in an AirBnB apartment which was very conveniently located near the old town. It was most practical for us to buy a six-fare ticket per person for city transport. Like Bern, Basel also offers […]

Basel – Switzerland

Basel – Switzerland

A decision had been made to make Switzerland our next destination after Paris. Basel was chosen as it is close to the borders and therefore quick to travel to (~ 4 hours). The kids travel stamina had to be taken into the account. In addition to our interrail ticket a seat reservation had to be […]


Sleepless (on the first day) in Paris

We took a red-eye from Iceland and arrived in Paris around 6 am. There is a while since we booked the flight so I’m not really sure what we were thinking, booking a flight at this hour with 2 children, but I think we didn’t have much option and other flights around our traveling date […]

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