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Dear MiBro users and friends, I don't have good news for all of us. It's the end of a great era. MiBro will go offline! Yes it's true. I'll shut down MiBro. There are a few reasons, I don't have the time to develop him further and since the donations have decreased considerably I can't pay the server anymore. The motivation has declined a bit as well. I'm very very sorry and my heart is bleeding. It was a very hard decision but I can't go on. When I think back to the beginning of MiBro, omg... and then he grew and grew... When we were at Gamescom 2017 with our fancy MiBro-T-Shirts. We had a lot of fun together! Some stressful times as well. I remember the time when MiBro has been banned from Discord for 2 days because they made a mistake. But it's over now. I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you, to everyone. Every user made MiBro bigger and stronger. A thank you deep from my heart to all donator and supporter of the project. Without the donations MiBro would definitely not be what he is now. For those who got the Hype-Package (Pen, Keychain, ...) I hope it will remind you to the good old times... A big part of MiBro is the team! We had a great time and I hope you enjoyed it. I wouldn't have been able to handle the support request on my own. So a big thank you to my lovely team. Hey Yo Partners! I enjoyed the cooperation with you a lot! You are one big reason why MiBro is that big at this day. I hope you'll forgive me that this is the end. I know many of you are using MiBro a lot. Because of that I won't shut him down right now. He will go offline on about the 20th December, I'll give you further information. So you have enough time to find another bot that will handle your moderation and stuff. I know many people enjoyed the gambling and all those funny things. I'm sorry that this will stop now... It was a very hard decision. But as hard as it is, the decision has been made. I got to know a lot of cool people! And I hope we will stay in touch. The Discord-Server will stay at least until everything is done. So you can text me if you want to know anything. This moment is very hard for me... but it's time, time to go. MiBro and I are saying goodbye to you my friends

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