Creating the future of IT

At Sola, we are helping both individuals and organizations to succeed in their own field of business, supported by our professional IT services.
Our team of highly skilled engineers can assist you with various IT services, including infrastructure design, development and general consulting.
Our aim is to provide our partners with the best infrastructure, tools, and designs to help them achieving their future goals.


We are creating and designing IT infrastructure in various scopes for several industries.


We are carrying out application and core business system developments.


We are offering solutions for IT related operations, projects and systems. We are solving problems with the latest technical trends in mind, and providing businesses with the best available technologies and high-level expertise.

Our Products

English Monsters for iPhone

A new educational application which combines learning English with the fun of gaming.
How about learning English, while commuting or just anytime when you have a few minutes off?


monoca helps you managing the things you already own and also the things you want to own.
With monoca it`s just a few taps to manage and categorize every item, making your everyday life more convenient and fun.

eMon Dictionaly

An English dictionary with pronunciation functions, supporting English Monsters.


A simple time management application to record the exact time you spent on certain activities during the day, so you can spend time on what you really want.


A service to search for events or study groups throughout the country. Find new friends and study groups.


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