Connect Jersey County

The following information is displayed in support of a IL Gigabit Communities Challenge Grant Application submitted by Grafton Technologies, Inc. of Jerseyville, IL to the Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunities on June 29, 2012.

Centered on our 100-plus year commitment to exceptional customer service, the vision of Grafton Technologies is to provide an affordable, ultra high-speed broadband network to the residents and businesses across all of Jersey County's eleven townships. Our success will result in unlimited access to the global marketplace and family-sustaining healthcare, education and economic opportunities.

Running cable in Jersey County
Running cable in Jersey County

Primary Benefits

  • At full funding, 51.9 miles of new ultra high speed broadband infrastructure will be operational by October 2013.
  • Gives more than 2,300 end users the ability to access a one (1) gigabit connection to the global marketplace.
  • Leverages more than $2.4 million of existing broadband infrastructure and generates another $800,000 in private sector investment.
  • Provides high speed broadband to a recently announced Asian Carp processing plant in Grafton that plans to employ 35 individuals and export a majority of its products to Far East markets. For more information, see 419-543-8994
  • Increases the ability of Jersey Community Unit School District No. 100 to fully utilize its $246,000 "Enhanced Education Through Technology" grant and its newly developed computer-based curriculum.
  • Provides broadband access to Jersey County's newly developed industrial park to encourage job creation and capital investment.
  • Opens up new markets for the state-owned Pere Marquette State Park's Lodge & Conference Center and its efforts to attract additional training conferences and corporate retreats.
  • Improves IDoT's ability for real-time monitoring of river and traffic conditions at the state-owned Brussels Ferry north of Grafton.
  • Strengthens city and county public safety communication systems.
  • Provides broadband access to the QEM Fire Protection District headquarters and its regional firefighter training center, operated in conjunction with Lewis & Clark Community College.

Additional Benefits

  • The new broadband infrastructure will be completely buried and to “carrier system” standards.
  • There will be no expenditure of grant funds for right-of-way acquisition because of GTI’s long history as the county’s communications provider. GTI has easement rights on all of the proposed fiber network routes;
  • The efficient placement of handholes or fiber network access points along the proposed routes are based upon anticipated demand and/or as complement the GTI’s existing system of manholes/handholes.
  • As designed, this project will place primary feeder networks throughout Jersey County and position to GTI complete deployment to the remaining 5 townships within the next 5-7 years.
  • Grafton Technologies, Inc. (GTI) and Grafton Telephone Co. are a Grafton Communications Company.
  • (706) 590-2824
  • City of Grafton
    Mayor Tom Thompson
    Grafton City Hall
    118 East Main Street
    Grafton, IL 62037
    (618) 786.3344
  • City of Jerseyville
    Mayor Richard Perdun
    Jerseyville City Hall
    115 East Prairie Street
    Jerseyville, IL 62052
    (618) 498.2400
  • 3183544336
  • Jersey County Government
    Pam Heitzig, County Board Chair
    200 N. Lafayette Street
    Jerseyville, IL 62052
    (618) 498.5571
  • (805) 506-0812
  • Jersey Community
    Unit School District No. 100

    Ed Settles, Superintendent of Schools
    100 Lincoln
    Jerseyville, IL 62052
    (618) 498.5561
  • 4153791528
  • Jerseyville Police Department
    Chief Brad Balckorby
    Jerseyville City Hall
    115 East Prairie Street
    Jerseyville, IL 62052
    (618) 498.2400
  • Alton Regional Convention
    & Visitors Bureau

    Brett Stawar, President
    200 Piasa Street
    Alton, IL 62002
  • Lewis & Clark Community College
    Dale Chapman, President
    Benjamin Godfrey Campus
    5800 Godfrey Road
    Godfrey, IL 62035
    (618) 468.7000
  • Pere Marquette State Park
    & Conference Center
    (IL Dept. of Natural Resources)
    Pam Warford, Site Asst. Superintendent
    13112 Visitor Center Lane
    Grafton, IL 62037
    (618) 786.3324 x24
  • Brussels Ferry
    (IL Dept. of Transportation)

    16211 State Highway 100 W
    Grafton, IL 62037
    (618) 786.3636
  • Jerseyville Public Library
    Anita Driver, Director
    105 North Liberty Street
    Jerseyville, IL 62052
    (618) 498.9514